WIP: Nightbringer

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I locked down the primary colors on my Nightbringer. I just need to finish up the highlighting, clean up a few lines, then tackle the base. I originally tried to keep the large cloak area black, but I couldn't highlight it properly and felt like I was losing a lot of detail. The deep blue seems to work though and I'm planning on using blue in the overall Necron army paint scheme. I've been trying to order some blue replacement rods for the gauss weapons but still waiting for a couple places to get them back in stock. It should be fun though and a little different from the typical metallic look.

Here's a few more shots (I'm still trying to figure out lighting and how to best photograph miniatures):


  1. Interesting, I just posted a bit about how I do photos of miniatures at my blog. Coincidence? Perhaps...

    Glad to hear things are going well. I just painted some new dreadnought arms for my marines, the new list I'm interested in features Lysander.

  2. Man, I wish I had seen your post before taking these! I only had a little bit of free time this morning to snap a few shots and I was trying to use as much natural lighting as possible since that usually helps. But your breakdown of how you do it is great and totally makes sense. I'll have to rig up something similar to that and then redo all of my miniature shots, lol.

    I can't wait to square up against your new list! I just started back at work this past week but once I'm caught up there (and once I finally get this thunderfire cannon together) I'll be ready try my new list and roll some dice ;)

  3. Nice, I can't wait. Things are semi-under control here too, so I've been trying to get a game in, but no one seems to be around lately. My brother's been using thunderfire cannons and loving them lately.