More NOVA Practice: Raven Guard vs Iron Hands

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Now I know what it feels like to face 5 dreadnoughts! That's right, the other night I went up against a fellow marine player who also uses a Master of the Forge with 5 dreads. I was also running 5 in my list and it was an all out dreadnought slug fest!

All of these pictures are courtesy of my awesome opponent who was smart and brought an actual camera (the one on my phone just isn't cutting it anymore). He captured some clutch shots and was able to snag the most action-packed events/turns. This one is from the bottom of turn 1:

I had just dropped my Ironclad behind his Plasma Cannon dread (you don't want to get caught out in the open under one of those blasts!). Unfortunately the IC dread whiffed as he has on most games I've played with him. I don't like leaving two kill points isolated out there so early on in the game and I'm starting to think I could better spend the points. My opponent was using 3 Typhoon speeders, and wow, those things can really dish out some wounds. I really need to get mine built so I can start trying them out in some lists.

Unlike the IC in pod, one unit that has performed really well and consistently delivers a favorable ROI in my games is the 10 man Scout squad led by Telion.

Here, they brought down a Librarian that had gated some termies directly in front of the blue objective. Telion's ability to allocate wounds caused by his special bolter can be a real game changer, and he certainly was the MVP on my side for this match. He dealt some headshots to an enemy sergeant with powerfist as well as the last wound to the Master of the Forge, ultimately breaking a troops squad that was holding an objective.

This match was a lot of fun and I learned some really important stuff, like remembering that even marines don't regroup if within 6 inches of an enemy model and they too can run right off the board if you're not careful. I'm thinking about making some small tweaks to my list that hopefully I can test out this weekend before locking it down and submitting the final list next week. I'll also try to take better notes throughout so I can attempt to have more meaningful posts and more along the lines of a "battle report" entry. For those primarily interested in the results, this game we didn't officially get to finish because the store was closing (we accidentally kept them open an additional 45 minutes...woops!) but were halfway through turn 6. We were dead even on objectives, and the KPs & VPs were too close to call -- a solid draw! At the end, the board looked like a dreadnought graveyard; it was awesome!



  1. Nice report, it was a great game. Lots of awesome dreadnought on dreadnought combat. I think that you won based on the third victory condition (table quarters). I'm pretty sure I only had one and you had three. Let me know when you're ready for a rematch.

  2. Thanks for the game John. I'm totally up for a rematch this week!