Thanks for the FAQ!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Here it is folks, one of the biggest disputes/rules questions (that affects my bike army) has been laid to rest! I'm referring to the ability to Combat Squad when arriving from Reserves by Outflank, Deep Strike, etc. I've always felt that units with both of these rules could in fact do so as they never directly contradicted or imposed restrictions on each other, however given the wording in the older FAQ I can understand how some might be confused. Anyway, with the latest Space Marine FAQ, GW has wisely removed the poorly worded Q & A that caused all this confusion and made it crystal clear what is allowed when utilizing these two special rules:
Q: When a unit of 10 Space Marines with the Combat Squad special rule arrives from reserve as two combat squads, can they move on from, or Deep Strike onto, two different locations? (p51)
A: Yes.
Here's the link to all of the updated FAQ's, which I'm pretty sure all but Tau and Templars got some love: GW FAQs.

The Internet has been up in arms about this whole '6th edition leak' lately and I can't think of a better way GW could have quashed such a buzz than by officially addressing such a large set of rules questions/clarifications for 5th edition. Something I know most of us have been wanting to see for some time. Good job GW! I hope this is a new direction for how the company intends to handle general rules and codex specific questions -- get ALL armies on the same page at the same time (and as quickly as possible!)