Eldar 40k

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Walking ashore after jumping the shark?
In the grim darkness of the far future there is only... Eldar?

I apologize in advance for the obligatory rant.

If there's one thing the latest Games Workshop codex update did, it's illuminate the fact that they should not be responsible for or in the business of making rules anymore. Keep focusing on making those gorgeous models, don't worry, we'll still buy them. But enough is enough. The whole hardback codex and supplements book publishing game has gotten really old and it feels like shopping for college textbooks -- you're excited to be going to college and partying and getting laid, but that whole going to class thing and spending a fortune on books... not so much. We all still love rolling dice, making pew pew noises, and hanging out while playing 40k, but these new rules (and points values) that aren't thought out at all (beyond selling models that weren't selling before) and are coming out faster than ever are really hurting the game and ruining the experience. It also siphons money away from what we really want to spend our hard earned cash on: miniatures.

I admit to being one who was hesitant at first to accepting comp as something necessary for more serious tournament play, but there's very little shadow of a doubt at this point. I also play with a couple different gaming groups; one which prides itself on being a friendly, more casual group who do a great job self-regulating what they bring to the table and make a conscience effort to not exploit a game imbalance if it means taking away from the experience for themeselves and their opponent. I also play with balls to the walls competitive Sun Tzu strategic geniuses who are also feeling the need to self-regulate a whole lot more these days for fear of being that guy (they also crave for more of a competitive challenge). To be clear, I feel bad for Eldar players; it sucks feeling embarrassed to field your army that has been a labor of love for so long. I originally thought that all 7th edition books would end up with comparable power levels at the end, and for awhile there things were looking up. But GW, you just dropped the biggest ball that needed to not be dropped, and with it our confidence in your ability to produce rules that result in a fun experience for everyone involved. It's clear you do not have a pulse of where things stand within the gaming aspect of the hobby you created.

I don't lament you trying to turn a profit, this is a business after all. But you stand to make heaps more money by keeping this game viable and relevant for the long haul. Yes, people will always want to buy cool looking models, but even more people will want to buy even more cool looking models if they just so happen to dual-purpose as essential pieces to a fun and balanced tabletop strategy game. Just my two cents.

OK, now that that is out of my system, I do not think this will be the end of the 41st millennium. I trust that TO's & players worldwide will work together to come up with reasonable modifications to the new Eldar so that they don't just rofl-stomp the other 21 factions within the game. A lot of great ideas have already surfaced and will be play tested and voted on -- democracy 40k, there is some good that can come from the result of this new book after all.