Drazhar Update

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life has been extra busy so far this year but has also been extra awesome. Between work, class, and buying a house, I haven't been able to get any gaming in yet, but there has been some progress on a few hobby projects. Drazhar has undergone some minor updates and is almost ready for some liquid green stuff. First, I moved him over to a proper round base, borrowing from the new Farseer blister.

Next, I needed to do something about the lack of trophy racks on the back. I tried to make the Incubi racks work but they were far too busy and would interfere with the position of the klaive. So I chopped off the backpack of a warrior and filed it down to fit with the back torso.

I think this will work well once I clean up the transitions; it adds just enough bulk and helps him fit in more with elements of the classic kabalite armor. Then I attached spare shoulder pads from the Hellion box to further that image. At this point it became clear what I needed to address next: shrimp arm.

A shoulder pad on the right arm would go right up to the hand and just wouldn't look right, especially for such a prominent location on the model. So I borrowed an arm from the same kabalite crewman and had my haemonculi chop and drill it to just the right size.

A couple pins later and voila.

I just need to position and glue the cape before I start smoothing all the transitions with green stuff. I'm eager to get some paint on this one but I need the weather and my schedule to cooperate a little better if I'm going to get any base coating done. For now, Drazhar will have to join my other expensive HQ's waiting in line for some spray paint.