Necron Snow Bases Round 2

Thursday, June 7, 2012

So the first attempt at snow bases didn't go so well -- I placed patches of PVA glue on the base then applied some dry Gale Force 9 snow basing flock. After the glue dried, the coloring of the snow turned to a bleak shade of gray:

Not what I was going for. So I did a little research and came across this great how-to guide from MiniArmyHugeTimeSink. I never thought about making a wet mixture with the snow before then applying it that way, but I think they turned out great. Here's some of the army awaiting the second snow fall (as I get the mixture ready):

I simply applied the new snow mixture to the previous patches of snow from the first attempt using a toothpick. It's best to have a bunch of mini's lined up when you do this as it doesn't take much material and you can fly through a decent number of models and make sure your mix doesn't go to waste.

After the mix had been added, I sprinkled some more snow flock on top to give it that dusty snow look.

I let the bases dry overnight, then began to plan out the display board. I have a few ideas but first wanted to make sure that the 2000pt list would fit.

This isn't going to be the layout, but at least now I know what kind of surface area I'm working with and how much 'free' space I can expect. This lot doesn't include the remaining court models or the other 5 man Immortal squad, so space will be a little tight unless I can come up with a better way to arrange all those extra Scarab bases that are there to be spawned by the Spyders. I'm working on the last batch of models and hoping to have them built & primed this weekend so I can proceed with the display board. I'd like to have this army finished up quickly so I can begin on the new Dark Eldar toys that came in the mail this week!