Dark Eldar 6th Ed FAQ

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I think it's great that GW has already released a first wave of FAQ's in an attempt to bring all the armies up to speed with the launch of 6th edition. However, I'm left scratching my head after reading the Dark Eldar FAQ...

For those who thought that the latest DE codex was written with 6th edition in mind, I'm afraid you're sorely mistaken (see the very first note under Amendments).

Reavers get to use their improved Toughness which is nice, and 6th edition jetbike rules gave them a nice boost as well. We'll definitely be seeing more of these guys on the table.

Clasped Demiklaives are now AP 2 but I'm not sure that makes up for the nerfed power weapon the rest of the Incubi are carrying. And the lack of grenades seriously hampers them. Drazhar looks a little more appealing in 6th as he'll be a beast of a character for all things under the new Challenge rules.

The Decapitator still sucks :(

Interestingly, the Void Mine can be used and "does not count towards the # of weapons a Voidraven Bomber can fire that turn" (going against the new bomber rules in the rulebook). I'm hoping we see a model for this in the next wave of flyer releases!

Here's where things take a turn for the worse:

Can someone help me out with the first one? I'm not sure how Dark Eldar units that would be eligible to use a Webway portal could ever be in 'ongoing reserve'... I've gone back through the 6th ed rulebook and all I've found is that models can't voluntarily leave the table (unless they are a Flyer, in which case they can't use a WWP). Stretching my imagination, only a unit of Scourges that mishaps while attempting to Deep Strike could ever find themselves in this situation. Did that really require its own Q/A? I'd rather they clarify if Lady Malys' Precognisant rule allows her to redeploy units back into reserves if it exceeds the new 50% army limit on how many units can be held in reserves.

The second one sucks, but I have a hard enough time fitting all the Dark Eldar units I want into a 2000 point list, so not sure how much I'll be using Allies in the first place. Power from Pain doesn't have an impact on Allies, they can't use our portals... and after you read the 3rd one, you probably wont want your own Dark Eldar units using a WWP!

This 3rd Q/A is the worst. It takes one of the greatest strengths of a Dark Eldar WWP list and completely crushes it. In fact, the main purpose of a WWP was so you could get your fragile assault units across the board and into close combat unscathed from rounds of shooting they would have had to endure had they started on the board. This rule change is just terrible... it removes the ability to alpha strike for an army that DEPENDS on alpha striking in order to have a chance against some tough army match-ups.

I had hoped that 6th edition would usher in a return to assault-based armies having a shot against all the mechanized gun-line armies that dominated the game in 5th edition... it might be a little too soon to say, but 6th looks like it'll favor shooting over combat even more than 5th :(

Dark Eldar have the tools to shoot with some of the best armies in 40k; I was just building mine for close combat and will have to rework some things. How are the revelations of 6th edition and this new FAQ affecting your Dark Eldar armies?